Blocked IP Address (Resolved)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - TPP Wholesale
  • Found the IP address had been blocked by Spamhaus. Able to unblock and tested the service all working again.

  • Date - 26/08/2018 09:43 - 26/08/2018 09:56
  • Last Updated - 26/08/2018 09:56
Service Notification (Resolved)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting System - major cPanel hosting infrastructure upgrade
  • We are excited to announce that we are now in the final stages of a major cPanel hosting infrastructure upgrade. This project has been in design and development for over 6 months and received over $1M in capital expenditure investment. Over the course of the coming weeks all customers hosted on our existing cPanel infrastructure will be manually upgraded by senior support staff to our brand new cPanel hosting environment, on a server-by-server basis, at no extra cost to you. Our planning has incorporated measures to reduce the potential impact to customers and their businesses. When will my cPanel server be upgraded? The server upgrade project will commence on Monday July 22nd and will be completed within the next 8 weeks. A notification will be sent to you at the start of the week of your scheduled upgrade, containing all relevant information. Where possible, we will make any required changes on your behalf to ensure a smooth transition of your site (including email services). As soon as your website has been successfully migrated, you will receive an email confirmation to review your site. In the unlikely event that there are any issues with your website after the upgrade, please email and you will be provided priority support for complete resolution. Why are we upgrading our cPanel infrastructure? This upgrade will provide better stability, improved security and performance for our valued customers, with the benefits flowing back to your business. After the upgrade, we will have the most advanced cPanel installation in Australia. This is a very exciting project for us. It allows us to continue to grow our hosting presence in the Australian market and provide our customers with the best in hosting infrastructure.

  • Date - 22/07/2013 21:24 - 31/12/2014 11:04
  • Last Updated - 22/07/2013 21:28

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